Marcellus Issues in West Virginia: An Introduction

Hydraulic Fracturing, a specific well in Tucker county

This is a collection of Material Safety Data Sheets for the fracturing of the Berry Energy well (47-093-00107) in Tucker county in May 2008. This is a vertical well to non-shale resources that has been well documented by Forest Service scientists since the well was constructed in the Fernow Experimental Forest.The list of Halliburton fracture products and their concentration is given in Table 2. The original fractures were in the Huntersville Chert and Oriskany formations. The well was refractured in 2009 in the Sycamore Grit formation. A Forest Service paper discusses the refracture fluid and chloride stratification in the flowback tank.

Here is the completion report for the 2008 well and here is the completion report for the refracture in 2009.

MSDS copies of all the products except WLC-6 (tallow) are available for the 2008 fracture job).

Hydrochloric acid, 15%

Scale inhibitor

Gel (2008 version). A 2010 version of the MSDS shows differences in reporting.




Clay stabilizer



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