Marcellus Issues in West Virginia: An Introduction

Hydraulic Fracturing, a specific well in Taylor county

This is a collection of Material Safety Data Sheets for the fracturing of an EQT horizontal Marcellus well (47-091-01220) in Taylor county in September 2011. The FracFocus disclosure sheet is here. The completion report filed with the Office of Oil and Gas is here.

The products are all Halliburton's which means the fracturing was probably carried out by Halliburton.

Hydrochloric acid, 15%

Corrosion inhibitor

Friction reducer

Scale inhibitor

Gel (FracFocus lists the product as LGC-35 which contains diesel. The solvent in the FracFocus disclosure is "paraffinic solvent" which is found in LGC-35 CBM and LGC-35 CBMi. Diesel is a paraffinic solvent.)

Oxidizing breaker

Enzyme breaker





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